• SN 2 EP 5: The Journey of Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education with Prof. Flora Fabian-Mbatia 16 February 2024

    SUMMARY KEYWORDS gender mainstreaming, support, research, women, institution, academic, university, gender, mentoring, academia, project, program, researchers, toolkit, workshop, vice chancellor, awareness, influenced, teaching EPISODE SUMMARY INTRO: Welcome to Mazungumzo, African scholarly conversations, a podcast that highlights the perspectives of various stakeholders in academia, or research fields across Africa through open dialogue or Muslims on scholarly […]

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  • Season 2 Ep 4: Pioneering Africa’s Information Landscape with insights from Dr. Gracian Chimwaza of Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA) 16 January 2024

    SUMMARY KEYWORDS librarians, researchers, africa, research, libraries, digital, challenges, issue, institutions, years, journey, african, university, information, support, access, pushing EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode, Dr. Gracian Chimwaza, the founding director of the Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA), narrates his 24-year journey in leading capacity development and research projects across African countries. Dr. […]

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  • Season 2 Ep 3: A Symphony of Success: Professor Masanja’s Unconventional Path from Arts to Academia 18 December 2023

    KEYWORDS mathematics, women, university, tanzania, girls, africa, science, stem, join, professor, year, masters, gills, men, policy, education, engineering, program, primary, continued EPISODE SUMMARY Professor Masanja’s journey is described as one of resilience, determination, and a commitment to empowering women in STEM.

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  • Mazungumzo – African Scholarly Conversations meets Africa Science Focus: A Podcast Collaboration for a Deeper African Narrative in Science 29 November 2023

    Two leading voices in African science and scholarly communication, the Africa Science Focus podcast by the Science and Development Network ( and Mazungumzo – African Scholarly Conversations Podcast by Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa), are collaborating to enrich the discourse surrounding science, technology, and scholarly pursuits in Africa. 

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  • Season 2 Ep 2 ️️️ 17 November 2023

    Celebrating 20 Years of DOAJ! Advancing African Research and Open Access with insights from Prof. Kamel Belhamel, DOAJ Ambassador for North Africa KEYWORDS Africa, Journal, Language Diversity, Algeria, Open access, Open Science, North Africa, DOAJ, Higher education, Ambassador EPISODE SUMMARY This episode explores DOAJ’s efforts to collaborate with African countries, promoting accessibility, open access policies, […]

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  • Season 2 Premiere Ep 1 12 October 2023

    Beyond the borders: Dr.Rana Dajani`s journey in Global Innovation and Literacy  Listen to the full episode here:   PODCAST SUMMARY We begin the second season of Mazungumzo by taking an explorative  journey into Dr.Rana Dajani`s work and life. Driven by a deep commitment to literacy and women empowerment in STEM, she has taken on […]

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