Proposal Writing

  • Introduction
  • Module Objectives
  • Why a research proposal?
  • What is the reader looking for in your proposal?
  • Developing the Structure of a research proposal (more…)

Literature Searching: How to assess credibility of Web Content

  • Data Collection tools
  • Survey Monkey
  • Google forms

Enhancing researchers online visibility

Concepts in Science Communication

  • To prepare an oral presentation for different audiences, how to effectively deliver it
  • Using Web 2.0 Tools for communicating research
  • Communicating to Policy Makers
  • Communicating with the press


  • Preparation and planning
  • Steps in developing a talk
  • Medium/Tools for giving a talk
  • Theory and practice of poster design


  • The mind of a donor
  • The research proposal
  • The grants proposal
  • The proposal and funding process
  • Typical structure of a proposal
  • Stages of developing a proposal
  • Usual pitfalls when writing a proposal
  • (more…)

  • The theory and practice of presenting data in graphical form
  • The basic principles of economy, clarity, and integrity
  • Old types of graphs to avoid, new graph types: dot plot, scatterplot matrix, conditional plot
  • How to design effective graphs
  • (more…)

Publishing and Open Access

  • Understanding the  academic publishing industry
  •  Understanding the importance  of Open Access in publishing
  • Using pre-print repository services-AfricArxiv (more…)

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