Mazungumzo – African Scholarly Conversations meets Africa Science Focus: A Podcast Collaboration for a Deeper African Narrative in Science

29 November 2023 Categories: latest news, Mazungumzo Podcasts, News

Two leading voices in African science and scholarly communication, the Africa Science Focus podcast by the Science and Development Network ( and Mazungumzo – African Scholarly Conversations Podcast by Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa), are collaborating to enrich the discourse surrounding science, technology, and scholarly pursuits in Africa. 

Africa Science Focus

Africa Science Focus is SciDev.Net’s award-winning weekly podcast. The podcast unravels the impacts that science has on various aspects of life, from health and technology to agriculture and beyond. With an insightful lens on the African context, Africa Science Focus delivers compelling narratives that captivate audiences worldwide. 

Mazungumzo – African Scholarly Conversations

‘Mazungumzo – African Scholarly Conversations’ is a podcast by TCC Africa, that highlights the perspectives of various stakeholders in academia and research fields across Africa through open dialogue or ‘Mazungumzo’ on scholarly communication in Africa. Hosted by Joy Owango, Mazungumzo serves as a bridge, connecting audiences with the diverse scene of scholarly communication in Africa. The collaboration with Africa Science Focus marks a significant crossroad for Mazungumzo, as it expands its reach. Through a fusion of perspectives, it brings forth a deeper and more diverse understanding of the continent’s contribution to the global academic landscape. 

Listeners can anticipate a more holistic view of the developments across research, innovation, and scientific discovery in Africa and the Global South.

How to Tune In:

The episodes will be cross-promoted on Africa Science Focus and Mazungumzo platforms, ensuring audiences have easy access to these conversations. Tune in to the English edition of Africa Science Focus here, and the French edition (Santé, Science et Développement) here, and listen to episodes of Mazungumzo – African Scholarly Conversations here.


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