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  • Halkano Molu Guracha: My Experience on Scientific Writing by TCC 11 March 2019

    My name is Halkano Molu Guracha am from Kenya. Am currently with the Institute of Primate Research, and involved with the Malaria Programme.

    The training was relevant and very helpful. The expectations I had before the training were met and exceeded. I was captivated by the IMRaD structure which being new to me, i hope to employ it in changing the quality of my paper in the future. (more…)

  • Dr. Siham Elnour Elimam: My Experience on Scientific Writing by TCC 12 February 2019

    My name is Dr. Siham Elnour Elimam , I am a lecturer at the University of Gezira, Sudan.

    The training on Scientific Writing organized by Training Centre of Communication was very beneficial and worth attending. I, together with my colleague, Dr. Abdelaziz benefitted a lot from it. The training was packaged and delivered to match our expectations and I can confidently say that my Scientific Writing skills and expertise improved tremendously. (more…)

  • Hope Mworia: My Experience on Scientific Writing by TCC 31 January 2019

    My name is Hope Mworia and am a postgraduate student pursuing a Masters degree In Agriculture and Applied Economics at the University of Nairobi, College of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences.

    I have enjoyed today’s workshop on Scientific Writing. It was informative and eye opening. There were a lot of things I got a clear understanding on
    as well. The content delivered was extremely helpful and detailed. I do look forward to apply the skills I have acquired in my postgraduate studies. In addition to improving my skills, I have also gained immense knowledge in the importance of editing my written work especially grammer and referencing before submitting it to a journal for publishing. (more…)