Denish Otieno: My Experience on Scientific Communication and Publishing Course by TCC

07 December 2018 Categories: News

The Scientific Communication and Publishing training was timely especially in its application to the spheres am involved in on a daily basis.

The sessions that resonated the most with my work were on oral communication. Having a background of media studies and an interest in science I must admit that communication delivery from the biological and nature scientific fields to the social sciences fields is really curtailed and thus due to this miscommunication, the society lacks a holistic and effective approach to a problem. The skills I acquired would assist me in bridging this gap.

 As a Phd student, the writing of research proposals and publishing as well as data analysis sessions were of indispensable help in aiding me as I enter that phase. There were many pertinent topics that were highlighted which will prove beneficial in my studies as a student as well as a lecturer.

Going forward, I would really like to be involved in what Training Centre in Communication is undertaking especially in disseminating information of what is happening in our scientific circles to the general public.

Many thanks to the trainers, administrators as well as the entire Training Centre in Communication for organizing such trainings in the realization of creating awareness for science output dissemination.


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