• Dan Mungai 11 February 2022

    Dan Mungai is a data analysis enthusiast, passionate about anything that involves data. Data
    management is his opium of choice. Dan Mungai is a trained Applied Aquatic scientist from
    Egerton university and a holder of a master of science degree in Fisheries Management from
    Kisii University and also a DAAD alumnus. Apart from formal education, he is also trained
    virtually on data analysis and data handling. He is frequent contribute to online data science
    platforms such as #tidytuesday, R4DataScience, #rstats and #tidymodels among others. He also a
    member of NairobiR community, AfricaR, Rstudio Global among many others. Dan Mungai is
    conversant with data and statistical analysis using statistical and programing software that
    include R and Rstudio, Python SPSS among many other software. Data wrangling, data
    visualization, data modelling, machine learning, text mining and artificial intelligence are his
    skills in unearthing and elucidation of patterns and information from raw data. Dan Mungai is
    also passionate about training all scientists from all walks of life to understand their data through
    analyses. As an enthusiast trainer and data analyst Dan Mungai has assisted numerous students
    pursuing their postgraduate courses in different fields to understand their data and derive
    information from statistical analysis. Having a background in environmental and natural sciences
    and experience working with data from different fields, Dan Mungai is able to handle every kind
    of data and train analyses from all fields.

  • Harrison Weda 17 May 2019

    I am a manager with Training Centre in Communication Africa and consultant in areas of quantitative and quantitative data. From my background in Statistics and Computer programming as well as Research Innovation trainings, I have accumulated relevant knowledge and data analysis skills required in modern research.

    I am skilled data analyst with more than 7 years of industry experience in collecting, organizing, interpreting, and disseminating various types of statistical research.

    As the TCC Programme Manager, the knowledge has helped me in providing realistic projections and establishing various scenarios to determine viable process strategies to utilize. Organized and timely in providing staff, departmental members, and executive management with reports on specific data findings and their impact on organizational growth and success.

    I have attended different trainings in usage of R including online courses on data management. I am involved in training in data analysis for researchers and and post graduate students in various universities all over Africa. I have facilitated trainings in data analysis with Training Centre in Communication Africa and its partners.

  • Nelson Guga 22 March 2019

    Nelson Guga is an education enthusiast and a trained teacher. Nelson is passionate about emerging issues in education and has contributed as a guest author in the Dailies. Nelson is an avid reader whose reading interests spans across a diversity of disciplines such as education, international relations, leadership and governance, and issues affecting humanity: climate change, poverty, disease, wars and conflicts.

  • Eric Odok

    I am a data enthusiast with background in statistics, operations and project management. I have (6) six years of experience in data analysis, data management, monitoring and evaluation of systems and processes, providing system expertise, direction and training for teams as well as end users. I also develop and lead data analytics with input from different processes and businesses.

    I have experience in corporate governance and hold special interest in operational risk management, specifically the exogeneous risks over which we have little or no control. I’m a trustee in the board of a provident fund, and serve as a board member in several committees.

    I hold MSc (Statistical Sciences) and MA(PPM) from Strathmore and the University of Nairobi respectively.

  • Dr. George Ong’amo
    I am a senior lecturer and research consultant in areas of quantitative data. Through research, I have accumulated relevant knowledge and data analysis skills required in modern research. In addition to teaching and research, I am involved in proposal writing, questionnaire design and data analysis and presentation of the results. I have horned skills in the general use of R in data analysis and presentation of quantitative data.


    I have attended different trainings in usage of R and mentored many students on the same. Student mentorship coupled with ease of data analysis has culminated in more than 40 scientific publications. I am involved in training in data analysis and the general application of R in data analysis within and outside the universities.  I have facilitated trainings in data analysis (Biostatistics) and the general usage of R in the University Paul Sezzane, Marseille – France; University of South Eastern Norway, Norway; Training Centre in Communication, Nairobi – Kenya among others. I have supported a wide range of institutions in data analysis.
    Please  go here to access  to access  my entire research output
  • Lawrence Xavier Thuku 21 March 2017

    I am currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Nairobi (UoN-Kenya) School of Computing and Informatics involved in an Agent-Based methodology for mobile applications development research where multiple methods of data collection are used. In this research am involved in proposal writing, questionnaire design and data analysis and presentation of the results. The research intends to use R and Nvivo as tools for quantitative and qualitative data analysis and presentation respectively. To visualize the results quantitative data while using R, I have used Histograms, box plots and bar charts and while using Nvivo for qualitative analysis, tools such as word trees, mind maps, concept maps, cluster analysis and comparison diagrams have been used.

    I also hold a Master’s of Science Degree in Information Technology (Msc. IT) from Strathmore University. I was involved in designing and developing research questionnaires, compiling information from a wide variety of sources, accurately monitoring, investigating and analyzing all statistical information and interpretation and presentation of the results. This was achieved by using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) tool for data analysis and presentation. To visualize the results, I used clustered bar charts, pie charts and area charts.

    In addition, I have been involved in facilitating training on Introduction to R at the Training Centre in Communication (TCC)-University of Nairobi. The trainings involved people from different organisations who wanted to utilize R as an open-source programming language for data analysis and presentation. During the trainings, we explored the power of R statistical capabilities in analyzing big data through transformations, subsetting and “cleaning”, to enable them carry out exploratory analysis. In addition we were also able to import data in a variety of formats and perform analysis and present results.

    Using and training on R, SPSS and Nvivo, has helped  me in conducting mixed methods research in order to collect, organise and analyse content/data from a wide range of sources.

  • Bob Opiyo

    I am a lecturer at the Department of Environmental and Health Sciences at the Technical University of Mombasa.

    I also conduct consultancy services for data entry and analysis. I am well versed with the use of modern research software ranging from Survey CTO, Epi Info, Epi data, SPSS, R, CurveExpert, Microsoft Suite to mention but a few.

    I am a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Biotechnology with IT from Maseno University and currently I am undertaking a Masters Studies in Public Health (Epidemiology) at the University of Pwani.

    I have also trained with INASP (AuthorAID) in Research Writing, Demographic and Health Surveys Program in the understanding and using the Demographic and Health Surveys, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Program and Pwani University in a Statistical Method “R”, Global Health e-Learning Centre in M & E Fundamentals and Kenya Red Cross (Kisumu Branch) in Disaster Preparedness and Community Emergency Response Team.

    I offer training in Graphical Methods for Presentation at Training Centre in Communication (TCC-Africa).

    I am a passionate, self-motivated and adaptable researcher that has a strong desire to build a career within the research field and engage in a productive research work that leads to positive contribution to community well- being and makes our world a better place for all.

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