My Personal Lessons From the BHEARD Training Organised By TCC: Mukamurezi Godelieve

19 September 2017 Categories: Communication, News, Science

During the four days of training, I am happy that I was able to enhance my skills and knowledge in different subjects related to science communication. Actually I consider this area as my weakness which needs to be improved as a research scientist.

The most interesting part was the data analysis where we learned the basics for using SPSS, some exercise and also introduction to other software like SAS and R. The second one was scientific writing and publishing; we went through TIMRAD-C in details and, oral communication and presentation. I was so impressed by the methodology used by experienced trainers. Ethics and plagiarism is very important in my professional life but I had not realized that until I attended this training. Encouragement and experiences shared by my fellow scholars pushed me to start annotated structure of my work done in 2015, instead of dying with it!

By the way the whole package was so interesting but I won’t forget to express my excitement for introduction to E-resources part. Using the information given, I will be able to write with more confidence and also saving time.

I wish that all my fellow researchers could benefit to this kind of training so that the fear of writing and publishing thinking that is hard work could be released.

Thanks to donors, organizers and facilitators.


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