Success Stories

  • Season 1 Ep 7 🎙️🎙️🎙️ 15 March 2023

    Why Open Science Matters: Perspectives from an African Scholarly Communication Expert

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    For many years, African libraries have been struggling to keep up with the rest of the world in terms of access to scientific information and resources. This has led to a situation where valuable research findings are often shelved and not shared with the wider scientific community, and libraries are forced to operate with limited resources, hindering their ability to provide quality services to their users. In this episode, we (more…)

  • Training Centre in Communication partners with CABI to provide training and mentorship for Early Career Journal Editors 24 January 2023

    Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) and CABI Agriculture & Bioscience is pleased to announce a new editor training and mentoring program aimed to give new editors the skills and knowledge they need for upcoming editorial board positions. Being on an editorial board is a significant accomplishment. It assists in enhancing the researcher’s reputation in their industry and may pave the way for future editorial leadership positions. (more…)

  • TCC Africa Promoting Open Science Policy Dialogue at the World Science Forum 09 December 2022

    Cape Town, South Africa–President Cyril Ramaphosa officially opened the World Science Forum (WSF) on Tuesday, 6 December, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. “Science for Social Justice expresses our conviction that inequality within and between countries is neither just nor sustainable”, he stated in his welcoming address, while expressing his hope that the event would spur concerted international action for science to combat and solve marginalization, poverty, environmental damage, and injustice. (more…)

  • PODCAST: Season 1 Ep 2 🎙️🎙️🎙️ 13 October 2022

    Empowering children and youth to be agents of change through science communication

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    Podcast Summary

    Former TCC Africa trainee, Mr. Kenneth Monjero fondly known as Dr. Fun, shares how his passion for science communication has inspired his academic journey and led him to promote the accessibility of science and scientific innovations to better the lives of children and youth in Africa through his organization, Fun & Education Global Network. Fun & Education Global Network seeks to improve lives globally through interactive learning experiences, sharing information, mentorship, and teamwork to better the lives of children, teens, and youth.

    Kenneth Monjero is a biotechnologist working with Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO Biotech). He is also the Lead of KALRO Children Science Centre and a former TCC Africa trainee and postgraduate in Crop Science from the University of Nairobi. He is well known globally by students as Dr. Fun as he comes up with ingenious ways for making children between 5 -18 years appreciate the beauty and importance of science. (more…)

  • TCC Africa Co-Founding Director Publishes Book on Scientific Writing 19 March 2022

    We are is excited to announce that our Founding Director Prof. Gabor Lovei has published a book on the elements of #academicwriting. Please download it here for free. (more…)

  • My TCC Experience: TCC Africa Co – Founding Director Prof. Gabor Lovei 02 February 2022

    From a terrestrial ecologist to supporting scientists in their research lifecycle through scientific communication

    Prof  Gabor Lovei is a terrestrial  ecologist with interests in invasion biology, environmental biosafety, agrocology, conservation biology, biodiversity, and ornithology. Over the past 35 years he has studied  invertebrate and vertebrate ecology in Europe, East Africa, New Zealand, and China, and has published 160+ peer-reviewed scientific articles, book chapters, essays, and reports.  He is also interested in scientific communication and is the author of Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers: A Primer for the Non-English Speaker. (more…)

  • My TCC-Africa Experience – Ms. Dorine Odongo 18 January 2022

    From an agricultural researcher to the Head of Communications at the AWARD programme

    Ms Dorine Odongo is the Head of Communications at African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) and a former 2012 TCC Africa  trainee. Dorine’s interests are in leveraging the power of evidence to drive social change and inclusive growth. A development communications leader with more than 14 years of experience, she started her career as an agricultural researcher designing and implementing research projects investigating farmers’ adoption of technologies. (more…)

  • An African Platform for African Research 18 November 2021
    Interview with TCC Africa’s  Director , Joy Owango on our partnership  with AfricArxiv, Africa’s open access publishing platform  – listen in! .

    “What is the plan for AfricArXiv? Increasing the visibility of African research,” says Joy Owango, founding director of TCC Africa, who also serves on the AfricArXiv board of directors. “We do not believe in reinventing the wheel. There are already existing repositories, and what we’ve done is that we’ve partnered with them, and through those repositories, we’ve created a gateway in which African research can be visible – can be much more visible.

  • Kenyan Innovator Makes It To The Global Top 10 In Falling Walls Competition 01 November 2021

    We are excited to announce that Mr. Mutembei Kariuki, TCC Africa’s contestant at Falling Walls Nairobi 2020 will be in the #BerlinScienceWeek in Germany  from 1-10 November 2021.  Mr. Mutembei Kariuki’s Innovation on Breaking the Walls of  Artificial Intelligence was chosen among the Global Top 10 in the Emerging Talents Category in  Falling Walls Competition in the #BerlinScienceWeek in 2020, which,  had  600 submissions from 111 countries. Due to the  Covid-19 pandemic  he could not go to Germany  and  was invited this year take part in the conference

    In 2020 TCC Africa hosted  Falling Walls Lab, Nairobi, where  Mr. Mutembei was 1st Runners Up .

    Go to this video and watch  the presentation of  his  award winning innovation

  • My TCC Experience – Joyce Wangari Ngugi 04 October 2021
    Generation educationists and personal loss defined my passion for mental health awareness and women scholars’ excellence – Joyce Wangari Ngugi

    Wangari J. Ngugi is a Consultant Psychologist and Research Mentor. She is the Lead Research Mentor at Eider Africa, with a Certificate in Research Mentorship, where she is involved in the Design Team curating Research Mentorship programs including, among others, Study Smart and Monthly Cocktail for the mental health of researchers. She is a Research Steward under AuthorAID in the UK, where she co-facilitates the AuthorAID Social Sciences Journal Club group. She is a Candidate of Doctor of Psychology, PsyD, Clinical Psychology, a practitioner-scholar program, where she is researching Deaf mental health in Kenya. (more…)

  • MY TCC Experience – Dr Alice Ojwang 15 September 2021

    How my postgraduate assignment led to the creation of the first Dietetics centre in Kenya

    Dr. Alice Achieng’ Ojwang is a nutritionist and dietician, and a lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya. She completed her PhD at the NorthWest University and Master’s Program in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa. She founded the first dietetics center in Kenya, Xenihealth Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Clinic. Dietetics  is the branch of knowledge concerned with the diet and its effects on health, especially with the practical application of a scientific understanding of nutrition Dr. Ojwang’ is  TCC Africa’s 2008  trainee. (more…)

  • MY TCC Experience – Dr. Edwin Walong 09 August 2021

    Pathology is complex and effective communication has helped me pivot my research career.

    Dr. Edwin Oloo Walong is a Lecturer at the Anatomic Pathology Unit, Department of Human Pathology, School of Medicine, at the University of Nairobi. In addition to teaching and instruction, he provides clinical service as a pathologist in Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi and serves as the lead trainer at Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling (MITS) Centre. He is a recurring trainee at the Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) having first attended the training  on  Scholarly Communication in 2010 and then 2020 for training on Science communication and communicating to non-scientists. (more…)

  • My TCC Experience – Dr. Bongani Alphouse Nkala 30 July 2021

    How the TCC Africa training made me a mentor for South African early career researchers.

    Bongani Alphouse Nkala has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Human Physiology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and serves as the Internship Manager and Senior lecturer at Eduvos, formerly known as Pearson Institute of Higher Education, Midrand campus. Dr. Nkala is TCC Africa’s 2013 trainee. (more…)

  • My TCC Experience – Dr. Steve Wandiga 14 July 2021

    A research career is a journey and you have to be adaptable as possible

    Dr. Steve Wandiga, PhD, is a TCC Africa 2013 trainee and is an Assistant Principal Research Scientist at the Kenya Medical Research Institute, based at the Center for Global Health Research in Kisumu. He has been working with KEMRI since 2004 to date. He is also the Managing Editor of the East Africa Science Journal ,one of the two journals for the East African Health Research Commission, which, is part of the East African Community. (more…)

  • My TCC Experience – Dr. Annette Obukosia Busula 14 June 2021

    How a Science  Communication training and  taking part in Falling Walls Lab Nairobi, helped me win grants.


    Dr. Annette Obukosia Busula is a medical entomologist with specialization in malaria vector control. She holds a PhD in Medical entomology from Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands and has had over 10 years of research experience from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), Kenya. She is currently a lecturer of Biological and Agricultural Sciences at Kaimosi Friends University College in Western Kenya. She is also a TCC Africa 2020 trainee and Falling Walls Lab Top 10 National Winner. (more…)

  • My TCC Experience – Dr. Saliou Niassy 28 May 2021

    In the footsteps of my father, the entomologist.

    Saliou Niassy is a Senegalese national, holder of a BSc and MSc in Natural Sciences, a Postgraduate degree in Zoology. He is a DAAD-ARPPIS PhD Alumni, in a joint programme between ICIPE and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and  a former 2008 TCC Africa trainee.
    Saliou was AfroMont’s Coordinator a Research Network on Global Change in African Mountains. He also worked as Research Scientist, Head of the Technology Transfer Unit at ICIPE, with a keen interest in Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in Africa. Author of several scientific articles. He is also the current Secretary of the African Association of Insect Scientists AAIS .


  • My TCC Experience – Mr. Kenneth Monjero (Dr. Fun) 11 March 2021

    Dr. Fun, a scientist who became a science communicator.

    Kenneth Monjero is a biotechnologist working with Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO Biotech). He is also the Founder of Fun & Education Global Network and Pioneer and Director of KALRO Science Centre Kenya and a former postgraduate in Crop Science  from the University of Nairobi. He is well known globally by students as Dr. Fun  as he comes up with ingenious ways for making children between 5 -18 years appreciate the beauty and importance of science (more…)

  • MY TCC Experience – Dr. Chioma Blaise Chikere 09 February 2021

    Dr Chioma Blaise Chikere is  TCC Africa’s  2021 trainee and an  Award winning  researcher in Environmental Microbiology and Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons-polluted environments. Her research is based in the techy  Niger Delta  region in  Nigeria (more…)

  • My TCC Experience – Prof. Sheila Okoth 08 February 2021

    Prof. Sheila Okoth is a professor at the University of Nairobi and a former  TCC Africa 2011 trainee. She holds PhD and MSc. Degrees in Mycology from the University of Nairobi. She has specialist laboratory training in plant biotechnology and biosafety, mycotoxin analysis and molecular techniques at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, University of Hertfordshire, UK, the Institute of Sciences of Food Production (ISPA-CNR), Italy, and the International Agricultural Centre, Netherlands. (more…)

  • MY TCC EXPERIENCE – Dr. Catherine Lukhoba 04 February 2021

    Dr. Catherine Lukhoba is a senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi and most recently appointed as Director at the School of Biological Sciences and the first woman to hold this position at the College of Biological and Physical Sciences
    TCC Africa : Tell me about your research career.
    I got into research when I joined the University of Nairobi to pursue my Masters degree in Botany. I had worked for less than one year but thought I should join an M.Sc. program since I had enjoyed my undergraduate course.
    My postgraduate project was on a group of plants called the Mint family . I came to realize that there were many others that didn’t smell as nice but were still in the same family since they had similar characteristics, I looked at the plants that were used medicinally in Kenya and I had about 30 different species of members of that family. (more…)

  • MY TCC Experience- Prof Francis Mulaa 18 January 2021
     Prof Francis Mulaa is an award-winning scientist and associate professor from the University of Nairobi, and a member of the African Union High Panel on Pan African University Academic Senior Staff Recruitment.
    My research career has taken different routes since the start to where I am now. Most researchers start out as an assistant under a supervisor who may retire from the lab while the researcher opts to continue pursuing the given research instead of venturing out, however, that was not my case”.– Prof Francis Mulaa
  • MY TCC Experience – Dr Meshack Ambani Mulongo 11 January 2021

    Meshack Ambani Mulongo just completed his PhD in Education Administration at Karatina University, Kenya.

    His research interest is in mitigation of examination malpractices in universities in Kenya.

    TCC Africa: How many papers were you able to produce out of your thesis after the training?

    I have published three (3) papers from my PhD thesis and two (2) from my Master’s thesis since I had not published them before. By the end of this year, I intend to publish four (4) each from my Master’s and PhD. I have sent in some manuscripts and now waiting for responses from the journals. (more…)

  • My TCC Experience-Edwin Obaje From Nigeria 14 December 2020

    Edwin Obaje , TCC  Africa   2020  trainee is a Biochemistry Graduate from Bowen University, located at Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.

    He is also the founder and executive director of Science Squad Africa, a science education network for young people, specifically senior science students across Africa. Science squad explores the science engagement landscape by providing yearlong opportunities for children and youth to learn and explore areas of science and technology using the latest techniques. (more…)

  • Kenyan Innovator Makes It To The Global Top 10 In Falling Walls Competition 04 November 2020
    We are truly excited to inform you that out of 600 submissions from 111 countries , Mr. Mutembei Kariuki’s Innovation on Breaking the Walls of  Artificial Intelligence  was chosen among the Global Top 10 in the Emerging Talents Category in  Falling Walls Competition in the #BerlinScienceWeek.
    TCC Africa hosted  Falling Walls Lab , Nairobi, where  Mr. Mutembei was 1st  Runners Up .
    It has truly been a journey, and we are honored to have worked with him. Go to this video and watch  his  award winning innovation


  • My TCC Experience – Iddrisu Bariham from Ghana 26 October 2020

    “My Belief in PanAfricanism got me to Kenya and a Scholarship for my PhD”

    Iddrisu Barihim is a doctoral finalist at Kenyatta University with a PhD in Social Studies education. His research focus is on the preparedness of secondary schools in their application of online learning in teaching and learning of social studies in the northern region of Ghana.

    “I decided to come to Kenya instead of pursuing my education in Ghana because I’m a Pan Africanist who believes we need to network.” He says and adds, “ I believe that we can do it with a strong collaboration among ourselves, and I needed to learn from a different perspective ,culture and context in a new environment and I don’t regret it.”  “I actually learned a lot!” “ My capacity has been built so much in Kenya.”

  • Meet Falling Walls Lab Nairobi Winners 28 September 2020

    3 winners were shortlisted in the just concluded Falling Walls Lab, Nairobi Competition. The overall winner was  James Kimani  from  Mother Goose  Kenya . He is Breaking the Wall Of Giving Back Dignity to Breastfeeding . The  first runners up is  Mutembei Kariuki, from Fastagger . He is Breaking the  Wall of Artificial Intelligence in Africa  . The second runners up was Ms. Daisy Isiaho , who is Breaking the Wall of Digital Healthcare in Africa .Mr. Kimani and  Mr.Kariuki will represent Kenya in the Berlin Science Week on 4 November as  they compete against over 100 researchers  and innovators  from various  parts of the world, for the Falling Walls Lab 2020 title.

  • Multidisciplinary researcher with a flair for science communication. 25 June 2020

    Former 2020 TCC Africa Trainee, Dr.  Zephania Birech is a physicist from the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Nairobi, who was at first curious on how to work at a multidisciplinary research level, then later took the plunge and started collaborating with health scientists in his research projects. The result is that, he came up with innovations that have created innovative rapid  prediction  techniques of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.


  • Former TCC Trainee Ms Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy Of Mihari Network, Madagascar Wins the Whitley Award 2019 24 February 2020

    In 2016 Ms. Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy Of MIHARI Network, Madagascar, took part in a Science Communication training in Tanzania we organized in partnership with the Tanzania Fisheries  Research Institute. 3 years later she won the prestigious Whitley Award. This is a nature conservation charity offering funding, profile and training to grassroots conservation leaders across the Global South. She went to London and  received the award from Anne, Princess Royal

  • TCC Trainee Dr. Esther Kioko Wins 2019 Marsh Award for Ecologists 05 February 2020

    Celebrating 2019 Training Centre in Communication trainee Dr Esther Kioko, a Senior research scientist and the head of the Zoology Department at National Museums of Kenya. Dr Kioko won the 2019 Marsh Award for Ecologists in Africa. This award is provided by the Marsh Christian Trust and administered by the British Ecological Society. She was awarded for an outstanding current research record, largely completed in Africa, which is having a significant impact on the development of the science of ecology or its application.

  • TCC Trainee Yusuf Abdullahi Ahmed Wins the Humboldt Alumni Award 2019 28 January 2020

    Dr  Yusuf Abdullahi Ahmed , was  in the first cohort of TCC trainees  we  supported in December 2006. By then he was an early career researcher  and  was working on his PhD and  we are  excited  that he won the Humboldt Alumni Award in 2019


  • From Data Analysis to Communicating Science 15 November 2019

    7 years ago  Samuel Ng’ang’a, came for  our training in  Scientific Communication and Publishing and  came back this  year for research capacity  support on how to communicate to non- scientists 


  • From a TCC trainee to an award winning scientist 31 October 2019

    We are celebrating, Godwin Anywar our 2017 TCC trainee and  DAAD Fellow from Uganda. He recently won the Young Investigator Fellowship for the 19th International Congress of the International Society of Ethnopharmacology.

  • Q&A with DAAD Fellow Patrick Nitegeka : My TCC Training Experience 03 October 2019

    What is your field of research?
    I am  taking part in a postgraduate course in   Research and Public policy.

  • Q&A with DAAD Fellow Joanne Adero : My TCC Training Experience 23 September 2019

    What field of research are you involved in? 

    Molecular Biology with specialization in Plant Virology.

    How effective was the course in achieving your learning objectives?

    This course has excellently empowered me with soft skills that will enable me navigation the frontiers of knowledge to get literature that I will use in my research.It has enhanced my writing skills that will greatly improve the quality of my research proposal, research thesis and publications that will result from and beyond my PhD studies. Presentation skills that will be used to present my research proposal, defend my final research thesis and any communication I will make. (more…)

  • Why I Needed to be Mentored by the TCC-AFRICA Team in Data Analysis 02 September 2019

    ‘I wish to be mentored in improving my skills in   Data Analysis   and I am willing to come for  every training in the  TCC calendar so I may be  mentored by your trainers.’ Four ago months, we   got a message in our inbox on a  request  from Kevin  Oduor Onyango. 

    As he was conducting his research, he came across our activities  and  noted  how we  would be able to support him in improving  how to analyse  and present data.  Kevin is a  former student  from Technical University of Mombasa, where  he studied Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Option) and simultaneous   took a professional Certified Public Accountant  course  and reached level 5.  Kevin, lives  about 450 kilometers from  Nairobi, where the TCC  Office is located. 


  • Where do I Publish My Manuscripts? 30 August 2019

    One week  to the  Scientific Communication and  Publishing course  that  we  concluded   last month, we got a frantic message  from one of our trainees. “ I want to know where I can publish  my manuscripts!” I am so worried about  #predatorypublishing and  I do not know where to start,” he lamented.


    Meet, Meshack Mulongo an early career  researcher in Education Administration from Karatina University, whose  research focus is on the Mitigation of  Examination Malpractices in Universities in Kenya.  He  drove  150kms  to  come and  attend our course and  further understand how he could protect himself  from predatory publishers  as he went through his  Journal Selection Process.
    TCC: How effective was the course in achieving your learning objectives?
    Meshack : The course was very effective and timely in my research work, that it has equipped me to be an effective researcher and plan to share what I have learnt.
    TCC: What did you like most about the training?
    Meshack : The diversity of presenters who are knowledgeable of their respective fields and also the communication and concern of the entire TCC team.
    TCC: Outline 3 things that you will take with you/have learnt in this session
     Meshack:The hands on approach  in supporting us was valuable  and  it was done in such a way that we can further  train others. I loved  the units on data analysis and  I was able to identify  about 5 high impact  journals where I could publish my manuscripts .

  • MY TCC Experience- Dr. Ombeva Malande 19 August 2019
    Celebrating former 2012 Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) trainee. Dr. Ombeva Malande is an award winning Vaccinologist & Paediatric Infectious Diseases Sub-specialist. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Vaccinology. He is a certified fellow of the College of Paediatricians of South Africa (infectious diseases subspecialty).


  • A Better Understanding in the Academic Writing Process 05 August 2019

    My name is Halkano Molu Guracha  a Kenyan researcher in the Malaria Programme  at the Institute of Primate Research.  The training offered by the Training Centre in Communication was relevant and very helpful and the expectations I had before the training were met and exceeded. I was captivated by the  Introduction Materials Results Acknowledgements and Discussion (IMRaD)structure  in producing academic manuscripts . This  was new to me, and I intend to use  this knowledge in changing the quality of my  future  scientific papers.
    The  workshop is very informative and eye-opening and the delivery and breakdown of hard concepts was superb and the approach was very sound and tailor-made to the dynamics we face in research as  early career  scientists .
    In line with the new knowledge I have acquired, I intend to approach my abstract  and  academic  paper differently and pay close attention to the manuscript guidelines outlined and utilize the IMRaD structure process’s to produce a paper that is meaningful.
    I would recommend the Scientific Writing workshop to my colleagues without any objection as it was indeed of high quality and very relevant. 


  • MY TCC EXPERIENCE- Dr Minnie Kibore 01 August 2019
    Celebrating a former  Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) 2008 Trainee, Dr Minnie Kibore a Pediatric and Public Health Specialist.
    She was one of the Technical Leads in setting up the first human milk bank in East Africa.
    The launch of the first human milk bank in East and Central Africa was the culmination of 3 years of collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Health, PATH, Nairobi County and Pumwani Maternity Hospital and other partners with funding from UKaid. Now vulnerable infants particularly preterm and low birth weight neonates who have no access to their mother’s milk for the short or long term due to delayed lactation, maternal illness, death or abandonment can access safe, quality human milk.
  • Researchers should take the TCC Science Communication Course to effectively communicate Research findings 15 May 2019

    “There is no reason why we should do research, get findings on socio-political and economic issues and fail to disseminate that information to the society.” Hesbon Hansen Owilla, a lecturer and a DAAD PhD Scholar.


  • Dr. Siham Elnour Elimam: My Experience on Scientific Writing by TCC 12 February 2019

    My name is Dr. Siham Elnour Elimam , I am a lecturer at the University of Gezira, Sudan.

    The training on Scientific Writing organized by Training Centre of Communication was very beneficial and worth attending. I, together with my colleague, Dr. Abdelaziz benefitted a lot from it. The training was packaged and delivered to match our expectations and I can confidently say that my Scientific Writing skills and expertise improved tremendously. (more…)

  • Hope Mworia: My Experience on Scientific Writing by TCC 31 January 2019

    My name is Hope Mworia and am a postgraduate student pursuing a Masters degree In Agriculture and Applied Economics at the University of Nairobi, College of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences.

    I have enjoyed today’s workshop on Scientific Writing. It was informative and eye opening. There were a lot of things I got a clear understanding on
    as well. The content delivered was extremely helpful and detailed. I do look forward to apply the skills I have acquired in my postgraduate studies. In addition to improving my skills, I have also gained immense knowledge in the importance of editing my written work especially grammer and referencing before submitting it to a journal for publishing. (more…)

  • Denish Otieno: My Experience on Scientific Communication and Publishing Course by TCC 07 December 2018

    The Scientific Communication and Publishing training was timely especially in its application to the spheres am involved in on a daily basis.

    The sessions that resonated the most with my work were on oral communication. Having a background of media studies and an interest in science I must admit that communication delivery from the biological and nature scientific fields to the social sciences fields is really curtailed and thus due to this miscommunication, the society lacks a holistic and effective approach to a problem. The skills I acquired would assist me in bridging this gap.


  • Joelia Nasaka: My Experience During the Scientific Communication and Publishing Training in Kampala Uganda 26 November 2018

    My name isJoelia Nasaka I am in the agricultural field of research looking at nutrition of game birds. The training was effective and timely because I am at the stage of writing and publishing. At this stage, I am very interested in using e-resources and writing quality manuscripts that I must submit to high impact journals. The course facilitators did not disappoint as they delivered just what I needed. I liked the fact that the course was more practical than theoretical. We did everything in the workshop room and we practiced on our manuscripts and we even evaluated ourselves. (more…)

  • Walter Ojok: My Experience during TCC training on Research output dissemination Kampala Uganda held in October 2018. 08 October 2018

    My name is Walter Ojok and my research is centered in Physical Chemistry where I am involved in Natural Sciences-modelling sorption studies. The one week training organized by DAAD and TCC was very relevant in shaping my study so as to develop a complete proposal with clear and achievable objectives.The skills that I acquired through the training will enable me as well as other scholars develop fundable proposals, better my academic writing, gain better grasp of accessing e-resources which will catapult us into the level of world renowned scientists.


  • Melisa Allela: My Experience during the MAWAZO/TCC Training Workshop held in July 2018 in Nairobi – Kenya 12 September 2018

    My name is Melisa Allela, a PhD student at Technical University of Kenya.

    My research topic is Storytelling through Experimental Animation: Challenging Traditional Frameworks of Representation which focuses on storytelling through experimental animation by exploring the use of animation techniques and emerging technologies as a medium for relaying works of African oral communication (orature). Additionally, my research also focuses on how individuals can retell works of orature that were recorded on text. (more…)

  • Benson Oloya: My Experience during the DAAD/TCC Training Workshop held in September 2017 in Kampala – Uganda 03 November 2017

    I  am a DAAD scholar pursuing a PhD programme in Chemistry at Makerere University, with interest in medicinal plants. I am currently working on plant species believed to have oxytocic properties.

    I was very much privileged to have been invited as one of the participants to attend the 6-day training workshop in “Scientific Communication and Publishing” organized by DAAD and Training Centre in Communication (TCC) – Africa scheduled for 17-22nd September 2017 at Eureka Place Hotel, Kampala Uganda. I can confirm that learning took place with acquisition of new skills, knowledge and change of attitude.  (more…)

  • My Personal Lessons from the BHEARD Training Organised By TCC: Jean Claude Udahemuka 19 September 2017

    This training is a “must attend” if one wishes to be a good researcher. These days it is no longer enough to know things but one has to be able to communicate/disseminate that knowledge in the best way possible and this is what the TCC coaches have helped me with for the four days of this training.

    It was also a good occasion to meet professors from different universities in Kenya for those of us who are about to start studies in Kenyan universities. This opportunity was of paramount value especially to me. I have had time to interact and network with other students from all over Africa. I hope to get more trainings of this kind to be able to train others when I get back home. (more…)

  • My Personal Lessons From the BHEARD Training Organised By TCC: Mukamurezi Godelieve

    During the four days of training, I am happy that I was able to enhance my skills and knowledge in different subjects related to science communication. Actually I consider this area as my weakness which needs to be improved as a research scientist.

    The most interesting part was the data analysis where we learned the basics for using SPSS, some exercise and also introduction to other software like SAS and R. The second one was scientific writing and publishing; we went through TIMRAD-C in details and, oral communication and presentation. I was so impressed by the methodology used by experienced trainers. (more…)


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