Scientific Communication and Publishing [Paper Writing Process, Research Proposal Writing & Data Management Analysis]

Proposal Writing

  • Introduction
  • Module Objectives
  • Why a research proposal?
  • What is the reader looking for in your proposal?
  • Developing the Structure of a research proposal
  • Presentation Style
  • Final Product
  • Main Reasons Why Proposals Get Rejected


Thesis Defense

  • Introduction
  • Module Objectives
  • The Purpose of an Oral Examination
  • General Steps during an Oral Examination
  • Questions Commonly Asked During an OralExamination
  • Tips to Make an Oral Examination a Success


Publishing and Open Access

  • Understanding the academic publishing industry
  • Understanding the importance of Open Access in publishing
  • Using pre-print repository services-AfricArxiv



  • Understanding the use of H Index
  • Understanding How Impact Factor  works
  • Visibility  of research using ResearchGate,ORCID & Publons.


Process of Writing an Academic Paper

  • What  are non-primary publications
  • Some major types of non-primary publications
  • What are primary publications
  • The structure of a primary scientific article
  • How to compose – The Title
  • The delicate art of deciding about Authorship
  • How to write – Addresses,  The Abstract?,  The Introduction,  The material & methods, Results, Discussion, Other  Parts: acknowledgements, & appendices, etc.
  • How to cite & compile – References
  • The  writing process : how to write the first version?, Preparing the final version, How to submit a paper?


Scientific editing process

  • How to interact with editor
  • How to write Revisions
  • What happens with the MS after acceptance?
  • Technical editing
  • Proofreading
  • What to do with a  published paper
  • How to write Conference proceedings paper, Review article, Book chapter


The Journal Selection Process

  • How to decide where to send a MS for publication
  • How to select a journal for your publication


Data Management and Analysis

    • The theory and practice of presenting data in graphical form
    • The basic principles of economy, clarity, and integrity
    • Old types of graphs to avoid, new graph types: dot plot, scatterplot matrix, conditional plot
    • How to design effective graphs
  • How  to use R Statistical software graphical analysis and presentation
  • How  to use SPSS Statistical software graphical analysis and presentation
  • How  to use  STATA Statistical software graphical analysis and presentation

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