Scientific Communication and Publishing, 5-day course, University of Nairobi

Non-primary publications, Some major types of non-primary publications, Scientometrics

How to write scientific papers before you begin, How to decide where to send a MS for publication ,how to select a journal for your publication

The structure of a primary scientific article, How to compose – The Title , The delicate art of deciding about Authorship

How to write – Addresses,  The Abstract?,  The Introduction,  The material & methods, Results, Discussion, Other  Parts: acknowledgements, & appendices, etc., How to cite & compile – References

The  writing process : how to write the first version?, Preparing the final version, How to submit a paper?, Scientific editing process

How to interact with editor, how to write Revisions, What happens with the MS after acceptance?

Technical editing, Proofreading, What to do with a  published paper? How to write Conference proceedings paper, Review article, Book chapter


The theory and practice of presenting data in graphical form

The basic principles of economy, clarity, and integrity

Old types of graphs to avoid, new graph types: dot plot, scatterplot matrix, conditional plot

How to design effective graphs

How  to use R Statistical software graphical analysis and presentation

How  to use SPSS Statistical software graphical analysis and presentation

How  to use  STATA Statistical software graphical analysis and presentation

Preparation and planning, steps in developing a talk

Medium/Tools for giving a talk

Theory and practice of poster design

Introduction to communicating to Non Scientists
Use of Web 2.0 tools to disseminate research

How to design posters for national and international conferences

How to participate in conferences & networking


Proposal Writing
1. Introduction

2. Module Objectives

3. Why a research proposal?

4. What is the reader looking for in your proposal?

5. Developing the Structure of a research proposal

6. Presentation Style

7. Final Product

8. Main Reasons Why Proposals Get Rejected

Thesis Defense
1. Introduction

2. Module Objectives

3. The Purpose of an Oral Examination

4. General Steps during an Oral Examination

5. Questions Commonly Asked During an Oral Examination

6. Tips to Make an Oral Examination a Success


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