Dr Zoltan Elek

Zoltan Elek is a Hungarian researcher, active as an ecological entomologist with quantitative skills at the Animal Ecology Research Group, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest. He is primary research interest is ecological indications of ground beetles concerning habitat fragmentation on assemblages, populations and individuals, but he also works with other group of invertebrates such as isopods and spiders. He has experiences in design of hypothesis-driven research works and quantitative sampling of invertebrates in different parts of Europe (France, Denmark). He is also interested in statistical analysis of data mainly model based approach in R (linear and nonlinear and mixed models, multivariate statistical procedures, meta-analysis, diversity orderings) and scientific visualization of quantitative information for publications. He is author of> 20 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. He has extensive teaching experience in the area of ecology, taxonomy and statistics.

Official website: http://animecol.nhmus.hu/

Personal website: http://sites.google.com/site/zoltanelekpersonal/