Dr Gabor Lovei

Ecologist, entomologist. Born and educated in Hungary, he has been working in the field of ecology, ornithology, and entomology in several European countries, China, New Zealand, and Africa.

Currently a Senior Scientist at Aarhus University, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark. His scientific activity includes research in biodiversity on cultivated land, environmental biosafety of transgenic plants, invasion ecology, biological control of arthropod pests, bird migration, tropical ecology and scientific communication.

Author of >100 peer-reviewed papers, editor of 6 books; member of several national and international scientific societies, journal editorial boards, organiser of 13 international conferences, and workshops; member of EFSA expert panel on plant health, and the Board of Directors of Society of Conservation Biology, Europe Section.

Founding Director of the Training Center in Communication, Nairobi, Kenya, with long teaching experience in the area of scientific writing and communication