Halkano Molu Guracha: My Experience on Scientific Writing by TCC

11 March 2019 Categories: Communication, News, Science

My name is Halkano Molu Guracha am from Kenya. Am currently with the Institute of Primate Research, and involved with the Malaria Programme.

The training was relevant and very helpful. The expectations I had before the training were met and exceeded. I was captivated by the IMRaD structure which being new to me, i hope to employ it in changing the quality of my paper in the future.

I would describe the workshop as very informative and eye-opening. The delivery and breakdown of hard concepts was superb and the approach was very sound and tailor-made to the dynamics we face in research.

In line with the new knowledge I have acquired, I will look forward to approach my abstract differently, pay close attention to the manuscript guidelines outlined and utilize the IMRaD structure process’s to produce a paper that is meaningful.

I would recommend the Scientific Writing workshop to my colleagues without any objection as it was indeed of high quality and very relevant.