Scientific Writing and Publishing

    1. Non-primary publications, Some major types of non-primary publications, Scientometrics
    2. How to write scientific papers before you begin, How to decide where to send a MS for publication ,how to select a journal for your publication

  1. The structure of a primary scientific article, How to compose – The Title , The delicate art of deciding about Authorship
  2. How to write – Addresses,  The Abstract?,  The Introduction,  The material & methods, Results, Discussion, Other  Parts: acknowledgements, & appendices, etc., How to cite & compile – References
  3. The  writing process : how to write the first version?, Preparing the final version, How to submit a paper?, Scientific editing process
  4. How to interact with editor, how to write Revisions, What happens with the MS after acceptance?
  5. Technical editing, Proofreading, What to do with a  published paper? How to write Conference proceedings paper, Review article, Book chapter